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Ewa Page

Ewa Page is a Polish/British artist based in Kent, whose work is inspired and influenced by aspects of nature and her imagination.


Ewa loves working outside in her garden because of the direct connection it provides with nature, which is clearly evident in her final artwork. Ewa’s work is very personal, with her love of painting transferred onto each individual canvas and the colour palette reflecting her feelings and moods at the time of painting each piece.

It is Ewa’s intention to take the viewer to an imaginary land, a place of joy and laughter. Her work is a celebration of flowers, happiness, and nature. She loves bright colours and the tones she finds around her.  

In addition to creating her beautiful and unique artwork, Ewa came up with the concept of running an uplifting art exhibition to raise community spirits, following Lockdown. Initially intended as a once off exhibition to give local artists the opportunity to showcase their work, Under The Rainbow with Ewa as the Chair, has grown to become a successful business. The organisation now runs up to 4 large scale exhibitions a year, in popular leisure and shopping destinations.

Ewa Brighton art fair.jpg
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